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Do StyleMask’s irritate the facial skin?
Of course not, our masks are made from 100% Natural Egyptian cotton cloth. Just like a high quality T-Shirt fabric and does not irritate your skin. Unless of course you are allergic to cotton, then we do not recommend to buy this mask.
These masks are triple Layered, will you be able to breathe whilst wearing them?
The World health organisation’s guidelines on reusable fabric Masks states that to be effective they should be at least 3 layered. StyleMask development team has performed extensive testing to ensure maximum protection and maximum breathability. After testing hundreds of fabrics, we found that the Egyptian cotton was the most breathable as such we set out on our Journey to source the best we could find to use in StyleMask.
Can you wash these masks?
Yes of course you can wash them they are cotton after all. Treat them like you would your favourite cotton t-shirt and you will get at least 50 washes out of each one.
Are your masks for women or for men ?
Our masks are unisex and adjustable sizes, as such they are both cool for Men and Women!
Do your masks fit odd shaped heads ?
Our masks have two points of adjustment on each ear. During testing phase our masks fit 94.4% of faces out of the 1,500 people we tested StyleMasks on, both men and women.
What does Nano Mean ?
Nano technology means that the front of our mask has been treated with Nano to ensure droplets bead off and give our masks a droplet repellent.
How do you ship my order?
All orders are shipped with Tracking via the Royal Mail
How long will my order take to arrive?
Normally they take between 2-3 day however due to covid19 there may be some delays. We also offer an express service for an extra fee payable at checkout.
How will I be notified my order has been shipped?
You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has been shipped.
How can I track my order?
You can track you order by clicking here Royal mail website And entering the tracking code in the shipping confirmation email we sent you.
Where are these masks made?
Our masks are produced in Bangkok Thailand. Our factories specialises in the manufacturing of shirts. Due to covid19 we had to retool and repurpose our staff to make masks to help protect society.
How are StyleMask’s superior to other masks on the market?
Our masks are unique in the market and offers:

  • Nano Tech Egyptian Cotton outer layer for water resistance.
  • Anti-bacterial treated
  • Muslin Cotton inner layers for minimal interior moisture.
  • Adjustable band for ultimate comfort
  • Low-profile, sleek pattern design that hugs the face and isn’t bulky.
  • Soft, comfortable mask that is completely washable.
How should I choose the proper size?
StyleMask is unisex and adjustable.
Are other colours and designs available?
Custom colours and designs are available on a wholesale basis with a minimum quantity of 100 masks. These can be customised with a company logo or encouraging message. We are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are fully customisable upon request.
Do you offer large quantity discounts?
Yes, any order over 1000 units is considered a wholesale order. Please contact us for costs, and requirements at [email protected]
For all delivery rates and information on international delivery please check out our Shipping page or email us at [email protected]
Due to hygienic reasons and the nature of this product all sales are final. “StyleMask” face masks cannot be returned for any reason. If your mask is faulty you MUST email us: [email protected]

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